A mother’s love really is like no other. We will walk through hell and high water for and with our children. This blog is about two mothers’ journeys, as they accompany their two sons through a courageous and life changing journey of their own as they become the person that they were meant to be.

My name is Mitzie, and Peyton is my four year old son. Heather is one of my closest friends from college and her son’s name is Miguel. Miguel will be twenty in a little over a month. Our families live over a thousand miles away from each other. Over the last twenty years or so, distance, time, children and family engagements kept Heather and I from talking about what we were experiencing with our sons. Neither knew of the transitions that the two boys were about to go through. Once we figured it out, we realized the gift that life had presented us with. From that, this blog was born.

Heather and I are incredibly different in so many ways and yet in others, we are so much the same. She is very religious and is guided by her faith. I believe that there is something that propels us to be the way that we are but, I’m not sure if that would or would not be a god. The viewpoints that we have are from both a religious and non religious spectrum. Mine will be peppered with my potty mouth whenever possible and I’m sure hers will not be. I have a degree in Anthropology and hers is in Anthropology and Sociology.  Our views of the world around us will likely be influenced by these. Though born female, my son figured out that he was a boy at the age of three. Heather’s son took a little longer to realize it. I had a mere 3 years of calling my son a girl before the change began, while Heather had almost two decades. The experiences that we have faced and will continue to live through come from that massive age gap. This alone will greatly affect our blogs.

We are not looking for hate, sympathy or love. We are simply sharing our experiences with you so that you know that you are not alone. Peyton’s school district requested that I take him to see a therapist that specializes in transgender children. I did in the hopes of working with the district not because I thought something was wrong with Peyton. The therapist suggested that I find a transgender person to hang out with Peyton so that Peyton would learn that he is normal. My thought was WTF? Where do I find a transgendered person? And then Heather and Miguel miraculously appeared. Serendipity.