Peeing standing up

I noticed that my toilet had pee dribbled on it quite often for about a month. On top of that, there was a puddle of liquid in front of the toilet whenever the dribble was on the toilet. This was strange to me because my eight year old son has to pee sitting down because he is not very good at peeing standing up. And before some readers take issue with this, I have toddlers in my house, I don’t want the toddlers touching that pee or worse just because their brother missed his mark. In the beginning I thought nothing of the dribbles and the puddles, but then I started seeing it more and more.

One day I finally asked my eight year old about it. He told me that Peyton was peeing standing up. I’m not sure how this is possible and I saw no reason for Peyton to pee standing up. I should always know better then to try to understand the things that children do before I fully process them.

Four year olds learn by seeing the world around them and by being taught. Peyton has seen his friends that are boys at school peeing standing up. He brought that home and decided to try it on his own. Realizing that he can’t stand the traditional way that boys stand to pee, he devised his own method to pee “standing up” at the toilet. This boy is so incredibly clever… And his desire to fully be a boy is so immense, that he will do anything and everything to be and act more like a boy. I don’t think he does this intentionally but he somehow has all these ideas in his head about how boys act and how boys are and he just wants to mimic those in any way possible. I finally caught him peeing “standing up” one day. I really can’t describe what this looks like. I do know that it explains why his clothes always smell like pee and the puddle in my bathroom. Thanks to my peeing sitting down rule I didn’t have to go into the “you don’t have a penis” phrase. That I’m sure would have made him feel horrible. I simply said that his brother pees sitting down so he has to pee sitting down as well.

Have you ever seen these?  I’m guessing that we will be investing in one of these in the future. I’m not entirely sure why they are made in pink. Peyton wants nothing to do with pink or purple or any color that he associates with a girl. Then again, these are not designed for transgender people.

Sometimes I laugh because my kids come up with some things that I don’t have any idea how they conjure them up. I’m guessing they are not the only ones doing these things since there are ways out there to get around this.



One thought on “Peeing standing up

  1. There’s ways to pee standing without a device. I do it all the time even though I’m cisgender. Also there are devices that look like a penis and let you pee standing up.


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